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i2C-6ULX-B carrier board provides a 16Bit width of the RGB LCD display interface (J9), through the FPC cable  connect the LCD module with board. Graphical display in Linux, using Framebuffer technology. The default display device node is "/dev/fb0".

Use the ls command to check whether the fb0 device corresponding to the LCD module exists.

# ls /dev/fb0

Then use the Framebuffer test program, you can display on the LCD screen in red, green, yellow three basic colors, as well as mixed colors.

# Framebuffer_test

Backlight adjustment

i2C-6ULX-B development kit provides LCD interface using the PWM signal to control the brightness of the LCD, set different levels of brightness there will be light and shade changes. i2S-6ULL core board Linux system provides seven levels of brightness control.

cd /sys/class/backlight
echo 6 > brightness
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