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The i2S-6ULL using Linux 4.1.15 version. You can get zImage and dtb file through compile linux source code.Below table is  list of config file:

i2s_6ull_defconfigApplicable to i2S-6ULL, Driver with core board only

Applicable to i2C-6ULX-B carrier board with i2S-6ULL module

Build kernel image and device tree files

The following i2c_b6ull_defconfig configuration file as an example to build.

$ make i2c_b6ull_defconfig
$ make zImage
$ make dtbs

After compiling, the zImage is stored in the "i2SOM-Linux/arch/arm/boot/"directory and the dtb file is stored in the "i2SOM-Linux/arch/arm/boot/dts" directory.

dtb fileDescription

Support i2C-6ULL-B carrier board, i2S-6ULL core board for the NAND boot mode


Support i2C-6ULL-B carrier board, i2S-6ULL core board eMMC boot mode

Build and install module drivers

Linux kernel support driver module load dynamically in the system operation. For zImage files that have a limited volume, select "<M>" for the driver and compile it into a module file.

$ make modules
$ mkdir ../target-kernel
$ make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=../target-kernel modules_install

Above module will be installed in the parent directory of the target-kernel directory, this directory can be packaged, unzip the target system "/lib" directory.

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