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The i2X-6UB development board is composed of i2S-6UB core module and i2C-6ULX-B carrier board. The i2C-6ULX-B carrier board extends the main functions of the core board, to achieve the LCD interface, 2x 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 2x USB HOST, 1x Micro USB OTG interface, a Micro SD card slot, two 40Pin expansion of the interface.

i2C-6ULX-B development board needs to be installed i2S-6UB core module before it can be used normally. i2C-6ULX-B development board provides the necessary use of interfaces and features to facilitate developers to assess the application or its application to the product.

The i2S-6ULL core board is the core CPU module for the consumer and industrial control industry. Applying the module to your product accelerates product design, development, production, and time-to-market.

The list is i2S-6UB variant model:

i2S–6ULY209-D512E4–BCDDR3L 512MBeMMC 4GBBoard to BoardConsumer
i2S–6ULY205-D256N256–BIDDR3L 256MBNAND 256MBBoard to BoardIndustrial

The list is i2X-6UB development board model:








i2X–6UBY209C-D512E4MCIMX6Y2DVM09AA900MhzDDR3L 512MBeMMC 4GBB2BConsumer
i2X–6UBY205C-D512E4MCIMX6Y2DVM05AA500MhzDDR3L 512MBeMMC 4GBB2BConsumer
i2X–6UBY205I-D256N256MCIMX6Y2CVM05AA500MhzDDR3L 256MBNAND 256MBB2BIndustrial

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