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Device tree配置

LCD接口 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/fb/mxsfb.txt.

PXP系统 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/video/fsl,pxp.txt.

device tree包含的内容:

  • LCD 接口

    • 支持的显示屏

  • PXP系统


Signal nameDescription16-bit18-bit24-bit
LCD_DATA0Display data line 0B[0]B[0]B[0]
LCD_DATA1Display data line 1B[1]B[1]B[1]
LCD_DATA2Display data line 2B[2]B[2]B[2]
LCD_DATA3Display data line 3B[3]B[3]B[3]
LCD_DATA4Display data line 4B[4]B[4]B[4]
LCD_DATA5Display data line 5G[0]B[5]B[5]
LCD_DATA6Display data line 6G[1]G[0]B[6]
LCD_DATA7Display data line 7G[2]G[1]B[7]
LCD_DATA8Display data line 8G[3]G[2]G[0]
LCD_DATA9Display data line 9G[4]G[3]G[1]
LCD_DATA10Display data line 10G[5]G[4]G[2]
LCD_DATA11Display data line 11R[0]G[5]G[3]
LCD_DATA12Display data line 12R[1]R[0]G[4]
LCD_DATA13Display data line 13R[2]R[1]G[5]
LCD_DATA14Display data line 14R[3]R[2]G[6]
LCD_DATA15Display data line 15R[4]R[3]G[7]
LCD_DATA16Display data line 16
LCD_DATA17Display data line 17
LCD_DATA18Display data line 18
LCD_DATA19Display data line 19
LCD_DATA20Display data line 20
LCD_DATA21Display data line 21
LCD_DATA22Display data line 22
LCD_DATA23Display data line 23

24-bit displays can be connected to an 18-bit parallel LCD bus. For this, the six most significant data bits of the display are connected to the 18-bit LCD bus. The remaining two least significant data bits of the display can be connected in two ways:

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