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The i2C-B6ULL开发套件上提供了一个可控制的GPIO LED灯6ULX-B carrier board provides a controllable GPIO LED (D17)。默认Linux系统作为心跳灯来使用,也可以配置为用户控制。LED灯(D17)默认的触发方式是heartbeat,下面修改为none,才可以自行控制。. The default Linux system to use as a heartbeat, you can also configure the user control.

LED lights (D17) default trigger mode is heartbeat, the following changes to none, before we can control.

Code Block
# cd /sys/class/leds/cpu
# echo none > trigger

点亮LED灯:Light on LED:

Code Block
# echo 1 > value

熄灭LED灯:Light off LED:

Code Block
# echo 0 > value